Voice Lessons To The World is a bi-weekly show created to help singers from all over the world to improve their singing voices and have the best information possible about vocal technique.

We hope that Voice Lessons To The World is a resource for singers of all levels, styles, and backgrounds and helps bring clarity to a wide variety of vocal concepts. It is the firm belief of our staff that singing is not just something that you are born with, but that everybody can learn to sing well if they are willing to work for it and also given good information and training.

Voice Lessons To The World is produced by New York Vocal Coaching Inc., which is one of New York's leading vocal studios. New York Vocal Coaching is home to a talented and dedicated staff of voice teachers who are committed to helping professional and amateur singers to sing with the finest vocal technique, have the greatest confidence, and achieve their artistic vision. New York Vocal Coaching was created by internationally recognized and highly sought-after voice teacher Justin Stoney. Mr. Stoney and his staff have had the privilege of training literally thousands singers from over 25 countries. Mr. Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching are committed not just to helping singers, but also to training aspiring voice teachers through the New York Vocal Coaching 50-Hour Voice Teacher Training Program. For more information on New York Vocal Coaching, please visit New York Vocal Coaching. Or, for more information on Justin Stoney, please visit New York Voice Teacher.